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Details Child-Psychology-A-Very-Short-Introduction-Very-Short-Introductions

By Goswami, Usha ( Author ) [ Child Psychology: A Very Short Introduction By Dec-2014 Paperback

9,99 EUR*
Details Black-Holes-A-Very-Short-Introduction-Very-Short-Introductions

By Blundell, Katherine ( Author ) [ Black Holes: A Very Short Introduction By Feb-2016 Paperback

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Details An-Introduction-to-World-Anglicanism-Introduction-to-Religion

An Introduction to World Anglicanism An overview of Anglican origins, beliefs and practices, setting the tradition in its global contexts. Full description

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Details Australia-A-Very-Short-Introduction-Very-Short-Introductions

In this Very Short Introduction, Kenneth Morgan provides a wide-ranging and thematic introduction to modern Australia; examining the main features of its history, geography, and culture and drawing attention to the distinctive features of Australian ...

7,99 EUR*
Details Rhetoric-A-Very-Short-Introduction-Very-Short-Introductions

Society's attitudes to rhetoric are often very negative. Here, Richard Toye provides an engaging, historically informed introduction to rhetoric, from Ancient Greece to the present day. Wide-ranging in its scope, this Very Short Introduction is the ...